Susan Boyle Leaves The Crowd With Goosebumps After Her Performance Of ‘O Holy Night’

June 22, 2018

In the video below, you’ll notice that Susan is singing ‘O Holy Night’ with a choir accompanying her in the back. The artist is best known for her singing after her stint on ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ She’s made her way into peoples’ hearts by delivering one hit after the other, and when it comes to singing renditions, she is just magical.

She has a way of silencing the crowd with her fantastic voice, and this performance is no different. The routine gets more and more powerful with each passing line, and it brings everyone into the holiday cheer!

But, don’t take our word for it. Tune into the song below and see it for yourself! If you enjoyed this video as much as we did, then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends.

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